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Month after transitioning out to ameritas dental the Bay Area from Chicago back in July and after tripling my paycheck I might I plan to house act to keep the cost of living low.

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

I currently make a hundred twenty thousand dollars a year at my full-time job and have no debt other than these two properties I’m investing percent of my income to my k which my company matches¬†

A year I max out my Roth IRA every year as well I also invest $, a month to an individual account through fidelity just because my company pays for health dental vision insurance breakfast lunch and dinner during the weekdays gym monthly cellphone subsidy commuter benefits etc essentially .

My only living costs are food on the weekends and any leisurely trips that I want to take because I’m House Act I brought my personal monthly living expenses down to four hundred dollars per month definitely want to mention that I also have a business.

That pulls in a minimum of four thousand dollars a month that all said my question here is simple what would you do how would you allocate the additional income that I’m seeing for the first time I still spend probably like I’m living on nothing and don’t have any intent changing that habit the mic is yours thanks so much for the help Alex Wow congratulations so first of all the gap between.

what you’re earning and what you’re spending is probably without exaggeration the most significant gap I have ever heard of so between your day job and your side business you’re making a total of

a hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars per year thousand from your day job and then four thousand a month which is thousand a year from your side business so you’re making a hundred and sixty eight thousand a year but