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Ameritas Dental Network

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Ameritas Dental Network Papilla fortunately for us the incisive papilla travels straight up as the bone is lost so those measurements of Ameritas Dental Network behind the central incisor and the IP measurement are all applicable.

Ameritas Dental Network
Ameritas Dental Network

Until there’s severe loss of the bone if you look at this some dried bone you the line and purple is the incisive canal and you can see it goes almost straight up and down until it gets into the bridge of the nose I think that in size the papilla is tethered on.

That so it goes straight up and down also um so what we’re gonna do is use those measurements to position the two central incisors as you see it in this working model I’m gonna give you some more details about that later here’s .

The technique you take the patient put him upright place the avim eater on to the incisive papilla and you can imagine now the incisor papilla is behind point zero on the Alpha meter you then have them relax their lip to a position .

That would be not tensed not smiling but more relaxed you just have you were having work with it a little bit and take that measurement we then record that measurement for the use by your laboratory the second thing we do is we take that alpha meter and take.

A measurement for the width of the nose this width of the nose will give your designers a sense of where the canine should be in the denture so by giving that measurement.

we’re positioning the canines for them in the computer next you take a measurement between the pupils of the eyes and record that this will be used to determine teeth size but not in the way that his butt was really taught in school there were some people that said that there was a sense.